Kore - natuurvriendelijke bloemen en planten
PAAS SPECIAL                            Flourishing Flower Crown Workshop  @Kula

About the event 

The event takes place at yoga studio & cafe Kula

Ticket for this workshop is for sale through Kula: see here


During this workshop we’ll gather in the Kula studio to create Flourishing Flower Crowns.

Easter is a powerful moment in time to start flourishing from within. The seeds we’ve been planting & watering will start to blossom. As we leave the yin & wintery days behind us & move with the natural cycles of life, we transition into the yang & fruitful days. 


About the Flourishing Flower Crown

Let your own made Flourishing Flower Crown be a symbol & intention for a new beginning, a fresh start & selflove. Activate your senses: ‘stop’ & smell the flowers, admire the beauty of nature, feel the soft & elegant touch in your hands. Nourish yourself in the process of creation. Tune into your intuition & create from the heart. You can both wear the crown and keep the crown in a place you love (hang it above your bed) as a reminder to the intention you set. The flowers will dry up & the crown will be timeless. 


PAAS SPECIAL Flourishing Flower Crown Workshop @Kula

€ 65,00Prijs
  • You can buy a ticket for this workshop through Kula's website: click here